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Something Every Man On Earth Shouldn't Live Without

Human beings can survive for more than 5 days without food, and more than 24hours without water but there is ONE thing that every man shouldn't live without - Faith. Although human beings are built to survive on food and water but still yet - they can survive without this thing for more than 3 hrs; as a matter of fact, Mahatma Gandi was said to have survived 21 days of complete starvation [ Business Insider ].   However if human beings can survive without these important things; there is one very important thing that they cannot live without and that is Faith. Faith helps you to move mountains while the absence of faith create obstacles called moutains

What's a Boy To Do?

He sat down at the front of his verandah staring at an empty space. A lot had happened in the previous years and the future looks so uncertain. What's A Boy To Do Most people had the notion he should be able to figure things out all by himself. After all he's a boy and boys are known to be very strong. And not like he hasn't been strong though. For a boy his age; he had had more than enough experiences. Now he has grown to a certain point where he felt confused. He tried using the Google Search Engine to dig out some helpful tips but discovered most information available were for the female gender.. Now he had no option than to survive using the Try and Fail Experiment. No matter the hurdle or whatever life brings; He will have to find a way to look after himself, better himself and cater for his loved ones as well. This is Where A Boy In Progress Comes in... A Boy In Progress is a lifestyle blog developed for the young adult men who are working on th